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Houston: A Top Ten List

This weekend was Val's wedding, so we were in Houston for several days. Houston has its charms, including the following:

1. BFF from Lyondell. I seriously adore my former coworkers (both from my first job at the Bayport plant and my second job downtown).  Serious love fest. Here we are in the photo booth:

Then we took more pics with new friends:

Then I had a photo session with the bride (cost: priceless):

2. Delicious and cheap foodstuffs.  My fave foods from Houston that I still crave are the $6 Doozo dumplings and the $11 Barnaby's Chef Salad (that feeds 2 people). We also randomly ate at this cafe in the Heights and it was delicious.

3. The fancy Barnes & Noble on Gray.

4. The bizarre downtown Houston tunnel system. I can still navigate it pretty well!

5. Our random stop at a day spa in the Heights for a quick massage.

6. Saturday lunch with my downtown friends and their charming spouses.

7. Random break from the heat to watch "Thor" at Edwards Cinema. It was kinda stupidly awesome. And now every time I get hungry I want to say things like "This mortal form grows weak. I require sustenance!"

8. Aneil's celeb status amongst Val's family members (he played the part of wedding DJ and was thus on all the "planning" and "schedule" documents).

9. The fact that the front section of Sunday's Houston Chronicle included an article with the headline "Robert Pattinson names Houston his favorite U.S. City". Even hunky vampires love H-town, y'all. (And apparently he hangs at Notsuoh.)

9. Good times at a thoughtfully planned and lovely wedding. So much fun!

Only Houston negative has to be that the traffic has either gotten worse, or I have mentally blocked the memories of driving 60+ miles per day in that labyrinth from hell. I also get strangely anxious when we go back to Houston, as though my new life in Austin is not real, and Aneil is going to drop me back off at my apartment on Sunday afternoon and ride off into the sunset without me!  I seriously get strangely emo about it. Luckily he remembered me and we rode off into the Texas sunset together, our bellies full of happiness and Barnaby's cookies.


  1. I love the picture of Thor from Adventures in Babysitting!

  2. I love it too! I had such a crush on him. I still think he's hotter than new Thor. Tee.


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