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Well hello, 2012!

I LOVE the idea of New Year's resolutions. Just like I am the type of impulse buyer that store check-out lines are designed for, I am wholeheartedly the type of person who thrives on resolutions. I like having a fresh start with the best possible intentions to do things just right. I feel like at heart I am a compulsive perfectionist, but in real life I don't follow through as well as my heart plans (evidence includes: stacks of journals with, at most, 1 to 2 entries; piles of started, but never finished, craft projects, etc.) so I inevitably get frustrated and give things up. I just love having a blank slate and making plans to do things perfectly this time around. It doesn't matter that I may end up giving up once things go awry. There's always next year! So here is my complete list of 2012 New Year's resolutions: 1) Blog more. Look how awesome I am doing! 2) Write one handwritten letter per month. I read an article over on hellogiggles about how in our techn