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A Hard Day's Night

I went back and reread previous blog posts, and I don't really sound like much of a Beatles fan at all. But rest assured, things quickly turned around with the introduction of BRUUUUUM... At the peak of my Beatles fandom in the mid-1990's (the teenage years coincide with pretty much everyone's peak fandom of whatever they happen to be into, I assume), the Beatles Anthology was a big deal. It was this mini-series documentary with accompanying double-CD albums for you to play along at home. I was definitely too poor at the time to buy the albums. Double-CDs? What am I, made of money? But I did have cable TV, and AMC (long before the days of mad men and zombies) used to play classic movies, and they played the Beatles movies on a continuous loop to try to catch some of the anthology audience. I remember waiting patiently for the next scheduled showing of "A Hard Day's Night," finger poised on the VCR remote, trying to get a perfect recording. I fell in lov