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Hello, is it me you're looking for?

I randomly stumbled upon the livejournal I kept from about 2001-2005, and it made me miss blogging. I am terrible at keeping journals...maybe I just hate my handwriting? The pressure of writing something profound? I'm not sure. But I kept that little livejournal going for years. I chronicled my day to day life as an engineer, the day I met my future husband, and the day I lost my dad. It ended right around the time I met my dear Mr. N, and I switched over to blogger, where other blog friends resided. But it was never quite as honest or stream-of-consciousness-like as my old livejournal. So I hope that this space can be similar...a place to keep my random musings and thoughts. Where I can be real and candid and hopefully make you laugh.

This week has been strangely cosmic and magical and weird. Our air conditioner was broken and our yard torn up by the utility company for no apparent reason, and we were just overheated and down in the dumps. So we decided to turn it all around, take advantage of the neighborhood pool, and take the plunge! We splashed and cooled off and attempted (read: failed) to swim laps and it refreshed our spirits. And suddenly everything turned around. A magical mystical cold front moved through! Obama caught Bin Laden! It actually rained in Austin! So I'm counting my blessings and feeling grateful for my little life. Why not?

Is anyone watching "The Voice"? I can't tell if I hate it or love it yet. I do have an inexplicable crush on Maroon 5 guy, so I'm going to at least see this through for the next few weeks. If I could somehow add up all the hours that I have spent watching reality competition shows, I think I would be shocked. Think of all the hours I could have been exercising, learning to play the oboe, getting a PhD in astrophysics, making a time machine, writing a screenplay, reading "In Search of Lost Time." Woah.  This time-suck exercise could actually be called "In Search of Lost Time." Clearly reality TV is what Proust had in mind when he wrote that title. Or not. Who knows? I haven't read it. I was too busy watching American Idol.

This week I love: "The Voice", the royal wedding (those dresses, wowza), lasagna from Vespaio, the neighborhood pool, and croissant sandwiches made by Mr. N.


  1. I inexplicably like the Voice. I think the faux-competition between the judges helps things out a bit. And it helps that you don't have to sit through any really terrible people. And that some of the people are semi-unfortunate looking. That's all positive to me.

  2. Who is your favorite judge/contestant? I am sort of on Team Cee Lo, but will wait until after next week's coaching session to make up my mind. I love the big kid from Texas in Episode 1 who just lost his mother. I wanted to hug him.

  3. Yeah, he was good. But re: choosing your judge, I don't understand why anyone wouldn't choose cee-lo. I mean, come on, it's cee-lo. Blake who? But yeah, maybe he's not a gifted judge, but whatever. He's cee-lo. S'ok.


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