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Let's Try This Again

Sometimes I post on Facebook about the pop culture-y things I'm obsessed with, but it turns out I really miss my more long-form blog. Y'all know I also sometimes like to sneak a peek at my ancient and adorable 2002-2005 livejournal. (Someday when I have infinite time on my hands, I really will follow through with figuring out how to revive my "goth girl" mood representations.) I guess I just miss the blog and all your comments, and sorta resent this 280-character world we live in.

Anywho, as I approach 40 (OMG) I realize that things I love are trending toward the outdated and nostalgic because I guess this is just what happens when you age and are in rapid decline. The main example of this is my attachment to CDs. The pitiful stereo system in my 2012 Ford Escape is partially to blame, as it REFUSES to sync with my iPod, and has an overly complex Bluetooth system. Therefore, I still primarily listen to KUT/KUTX on my radio, or I listen to COMPACT DISCS one-at-a-time. When I had a weird impulse to buy a new car, I ended up deciding against it because new cars don't even have a CD player anymore! Aw hell naw.

I've also apparently been married FOREVER, because one of our wedding gifts (from Aneil's lovely coworkers, although clearly this was a gift intended for me) was an ancient relic. The Beatles box set was like $200 and contains all their studio albums, plus Past Masters and a mysterious mini-documentaries disc. I will admit that I never actually listened to it. At some point, Aneil put all the tunes on our computer, so the Beatles are properly represented on our home's running playlist. However, these discs have never gone for a spin with me in ye old Nissan Altima (RIP) or the Ford Escape. This had to change!

Also of note: I know all of the Beatles' hits by heart, since we regularly played compilation tapes in my mom's Delta 88, and I'm a human person living on this Earth, so of course I know all the words to "Love Me Do." But since we were pretty cash-poor in my prime music-obsessing teen years, I only actually owned 2 proper Beatles albums, Abbey Road and the White Album. For this, and many other reasons, they are my favorite and I even know the lyrics to the lame nonessential tracks, not to mention every ooooh and aaaaah and verbal tic of the Fab 4. However, there are 12 other albums in this pile that haven't really been properly listened to by me. That's gotta change!

For this project, I will listen to each album for a solid week in my car. Then I will provide my review of every track, which we can totally debate in the comments. I will even take a look at the super-special liner notes included with each album, since packaging is an important element of box sets. At the end of all this, a bracket will decide which album reigns supreme. Let me know in the comments which album you are pulling for, and which of the Beatles you would totally marry (my younger self would've said John, but damn if I didn't marry a George).


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